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What drives fuel prices.
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Dealers Are Turning Away EV Inventory

An article at Jalopnik re-iterates that EV sales are beginning to plateau as the demand from early adopters is satisfied. Major manufacturers have made it clear that electric vehicles haven’t been as profitable as hoped. Ford has stated they expected to lose [...]

Shocking Candor on Fuel Standards

A The Wall Street Journal article delves into the longstanding debate in Washington over the benefits of fuel-economy mandates. Washington bureaucrats have argued that the significant initial investments in these mandates will be offset by the savings drivers will accrue over [...]

Mining for EV metals in Congo exacts steep cost on workers

The Washington Post reports that the quest for cobalt, a vital component for electric vehicle batteries, involves a complex tapestry of opportunity and exploitation. Despite international reforms aimed at improving mining conditions, workers like Alain Kasongo grapple with severe health challenges, [...]