A recent AP article reports that electric vehicle charging stations across the United States and Canada have been hit by a spree of cable theft and vandalism. The culprits are likely thieves seeking to strip the copper wiring from the charging cables to sell, as copper prices have surged due to supply chain issues. Charging companies like ChargePoint, EVgo, and Electrify America have reported hundreds of incidents where the cables that EV owners plug into their vehicles have been stolen right off the charging terminals.

While replacing these specialized charging cables is costly at over $1,000 each, the thefts also put EV drivers at risk of being unable to charge if they arrive at a vandalized station. To combat this illegal activity, charging networks are considering enhanced security measures like more lighting, cameras, and cable-tracking devices. They are also looking to make components harder to cut and recycle. For now, EV owners are advised to exercise caution at charging spots that appear tampered with before attempting to plug in.

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